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For many years we have made a real difference as an intermediary for talented senior candidates each and every day. Thanks to our extensive sourcing and selection expertise, we know what needs to be done to reach hard-to-find candidates, estimate their value and get them excited about senior positions. Our experience in corporate environments has taught us about the demands faced by organisations trying to acquire this calibre of candidates. We love supporting this. Although we already work for many household names, we are always on the lookout for new sustainable partnerships. Interested in exploring this, free of any obligation?

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About High Tech Source

Since 2020, at High Tech Source, we have been harnessing our passion and expertise to solve challenging recruitment challenges. Our headquarters on the High Tech campus is the hub where we daily engage with talented technical professionals whom we identify, personally converse with, and inspire to consider opportunities with our impressive and diverse clients. As early as 2021, we immediately secured the position of exclusive recruitment and selection partner for experienced management and technical lead roles within the dynamic development and engineering teams of ASML. To top it off, that same year, we forged strategic partnerships with prominent companies such as Lightyear and Thermo Fisher. Additionally, we became involved with numerous other prestigious organizations. High Tech Source has now become a powerful name, and we are one of the fastest-growing recruitment organizations in the Dutch Tech industry. Our rapid growth attests to our effectiveness, while our rapidly expanding client base of loyal partners confirms that we consistently deliver results that exceed their expectations.

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Core values

  • Quality: We place significant value on attention to detail and craftsmanship in every aspect of our work. Our goal is to find the most suitable available candidate. We make no compromises on quality and deliver the perfect match for your needs.
  • Ingenuity: At High Tech Source, we possess a creative mindset and utilize innovative recruitment tools to find the right person for the right role. We think outside the box and do not hesitate to challenge you as a client to approach recruitment challenges in a fresh way.
  • Equivalence: We aim for sustainable partnerships, not quick gains. We believe that true equivalence between us and our clients leads to the best results. Collaboration is the key to success, and we expect the same commitment from our clients.
  • Dedication: At High Tech Source, recruitment is more than a task; it's our passion and dedication to your success. Your job openings deserve our full attention and diligence. Before taking on a position, we critically assess the recruitment challenge and its feasibility. If we choose to proceed, we go above and beyond to find the perfect candidate.

About us:

At High Tech Source, we constitute a close-knit, passionate team of seasoned technical recruiters with profound technical expertise and a wealth of experience in all aspects of the recruitment field. Our commitment to finding the perfect match for your recruitment needs is substantial. We comprehend the technical world from the inside out and possess the skills to identify the right candidates who will elevate your organization. At High Tech Source, we take pride in collaborating with companies focused on technological innovation and growth. Our expertise is your strength! Curious about the added value we can bring to your recruitment challenges? Feel free to contact us now and discover how we can support you!

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Are you curious about our latest job openings or would you like to discover how we can be a valuable partner for your organization? Doors to new collaborations are always open with us. At High Tech Source, we never keep you waiting. We guarantee that we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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